HUD-1 Closing Forms Plus 199 Additional Reasons to Buy Easy HUD

Paper, paper, and more paper.  We’re so glad we don’t have to produce all of the closing documents on your list.  We’ll stick with writing legal software, thank you very much.

But, what we have done for the real estate bar is prepare 200 closing documents one time, so that you can produce them multiple times for your multiple clients.  Our Easysoft Legal Software real estate document software contains 200 real estate documents you need for closings.  When you pair it with Easy HUD, you combine it with all of the necessary HUD forms.

What else?

Simply click on this link for our Easysoft Legal Software real estate document software, scroll down and look on the right, where it says ‘Real Estate Docs List.’  Click on that link and you can examine the full list of documents we’ve packed into our software.  It’s all the forms you routinely use, like the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, along with the forms you occasionally use and wonder if you should use.

When you see this list of documents included in our real estate document software, you will see the need for automation.  With Easysoft Legal Software, we’ve designed our HUD software and our real estate closing document software to instantly populate forms for each client, as soon as you provide basic information in a single screen.

Another feature that comes with these pre-loaded real estate documents is the flexibility to customize them.  Don’t worry that the forms we’re including will be rigid and not to your liking.  At the least, our real estate document software gets you started with templates, which you can easily edit and craft our templates to suit your own style.

The other thing that comes packed in our legal software is room to grow.  Once you have become familiar with these two real estate programs, you can upload your own real estate forms into our real estate document software and convert your own forms to include fields that will likewise auto populate.

We know that you lawyers are used to doing the persuading

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