How To Reduce Real Estate Paperwork Headaches

Real estate transactions involve piles of paperwork. Agents spend hours of their time filling out these forms, often entering the same information in multiple places. Mistakes are easy to make and that leads to more time wasted on corrections. This administrative overhead takes away from sales opportunities and company profits. Easysoft has created legal software programs tailored to meet the needs of the real estate community.

EasyHUD simplifies the process of completing the HUD-1 form. Agents enter the information in one central place and the software automatically pulls information needed to complete these long documents. This greatly reduces the chance of mistakes when compared to manual completion. In addition, the software does the math for you so the document won’t be marred by arithmetic errors that could require the entire form be resubmitted.

However our real estate software produces more than just HUD forms. The Real Estate Documents Module gives you access to over 200 of the most common government forms, real estate letters, affidavits and other useful documents. You can print anything from a closing sale checklist to a store lease agreement to title and settlement letters. This library includes nearly every form a real estate professional should ever need.

But what if you need some document not included? You can still use EasyHUD by modifying one of the existing forms or even creating a new document from scratch. These customized tools are added to the library so you can use them in future transactions. Fit the form to satisfy your business rather than fitting your business practices to match the forms.

As though a library of hundreds of lease documents, real estate letters and title and settlement forms wasn’t enough, you also get the benefit of consolidation and automation. Just as it does for the HUD forms, Easysoft real estate software pulls client information from a central database so every letter, form and agreement contains the same information. Calculations are done by the software, saving you time and ensuring the figures entered on the document are correct.

If you are still completing the HUD-1 form or other documents by hand, it’s time to upgrade to the best legal software available for real estate transactions.

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