How To Compare Multiple Custody Scenarios In New Jersey Divorces

Preparation of a divorce case is not always a simple matter. Even in disputes where both parties are trying to keep things amicable, ongoing negotiations can change the details that affect maintenance and child support calculations. New Jersey attorneys preparing a Case Information Statement need to be able examine multiple scenarios to find the best solution for everyone involved.

For example, it may not be clear which parent will be the custodial parent. Today’s divorces typically try to have the children in each parent’s home equally, or as equally as possible when considering school, work and vacation schedules. The named custodial parent may depend on the final number of overnights calculated, and this will affect how the New Jersey CIS is completed.

It’s always an option for attorneys to fill out multiple copies of the NJ CIS form based on different scenarios, but that’s a tedious task and uses an inordinate amount of the attorney’s time. It becomes easy to make a mistake and changes to information such as one parent’s income have to be made on multiple forms, taking that much more time and giving that more opportunity for errors.

A better option is to use NJ Case Information Statement software that includes the capabilities to attach multiple scenarios to a single case. Attorneys can rapidly put out several forms to see how changes in custody status or overnights will change child support calculations. Any changes to the case information will automatically be carried over to each scenario. Information is current and consistent, making it easier to compare the scenarios with each other.

Handling the case in this way gives attorneys more flexibility when it comes to negotiation. They can come to the table with several offers. Parents can see how changes will affect support amounts and determine what scenario is most beneficial to both parties and, most importantly, the children.

The best legal software you can use for family law is an application tailored to the divorce and custody laws of your state. Take the drudgery out of the CIS form by using computer tools designed specifically for New Jersey family law attorneys.

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