How Safe Is Cloud Computing?

We offer our wide range of law office management software in two formats: traditional desktop software and cloud-based applications. Ever since we started offering cloud versions of our legal software programs we have been fielding questions from customers concerned about data security.

We understand your concerns. Frankly we had them ourselves. We didn’t jump on the cloud bandwagon because all the cool kids were doing it. We offered these new versions of our law office management software only after investigating this new technology thoroughly and concluding it was as safe as or safer than our desktop options.

When you access law office management software over the internet, you aren’t using the same kind of connection you use to look at lolcat pictures. Our software uses the latest encryption technology to ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive practice and client information. Our one caveat is that you must protect your login information. Think of it this way: there’s no point in keeping your files in a secure vault if you run around telling everyone the combination. Passwords work the same way.

In fact, your information is probably safer in cloud-based law office management software than it would be in desktop legal software programs. Our datacenter uses a range of security features including protection against viruses, malware and hackers; fire protection systems; and physical security to prevent anyone from entering the building and accessing the servers.

One more thing–how often do you back up your law office management software data files? We don’t mean how often your security plan says you should, or how often you wish you did, or how often you plan to start backing up next year, but how often you back up right now. We archive our servers daily using secure and automated solutions to ensure that even if disaster strikes, your data is safe.

Easysoft Legal Software recognizes how critical information security is to an attorney’s office, which is why we offered cloud-based law office management software only after the security technology matured to its current state.

Still a little cautious about the cloud? That’s OK. That’s why we still offer the same desktop legal software programs we have offered for over twenty years. Either solution provides the security you need to protect sensitive client information.

Contact Easysoft Legal Software if you want more information on the security features of our law office management software or if you have any other questions about our products.

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