How Generating a New York Statement of Net Worth – Makes Life Easy (And Accurate) for New York State Divorce Lawyers

EzSupport-NY captures the financial data pertinent to all no fault divorce cases in New York State. Our clear and easy-to-use forms collect information, prompting expansions for an unlimited number of customizations. Whether it’s a second home or 10th home, multiple children (and stepchildren), or unusual expenses, our software captures all of it, without limitation-and generates a New York Net Worth Statement.

But the intelligence of EzSupport-NY doesn’t stop there. Our software then collates the data, generating totals for itemized income and expenses, and itemized assets and liabilities. What does this mean?

You never have to pick up a calculator, or create an Excel spreadsheet.

Not only is this a major convenience for our NY divorce lawyer clients, it reduces the chances of human error. It performs your calculations accurately and systematically – so you can focus less on the math, and more on what you’re trained to do: advocate and negotiate the best deal for your client.

Though this powerful software, the financial questions that can be resolved -accurately and painlessly -are numerous, and include:

  • The value of multiple child support and spousal maintenance scenarios
  • Temporary maintenance and child support payments
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Many, many more

Nor does this family law software’s impact finish when your case does. We will discuss this in more detail in the next post.

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