Generate Over 130 ICLE Forms With NJ Family Law Software

A family law practice in New Jersey can generate a staggering amount of paperwork. In addition to Case Information Statement preparation, attorneys need to produce a host of retainer agreements, letters and other documents related to divorce. Our NJ CIS software helps produce those items quickly and easily with the FamilyDocs module.

Manual Forms Are Slow

It may seem easy to put out a standard form like a Retainer Agreement using word processing software. You probably have a template and all you need to do is fill in a few blanks, print it and mail it. Unfortunately it’s also easy to make mistakes, such as misspelling a client’s — or worse a judge’s — name on a form. And while using a word processing template might be faster than typing it from scratch, it still takes valuable time.

In addition, who sends paper correspondence anymore? Well, OK, sometimes you need to print something out but for many documents it would be better to email an electronic version. It saves time, money and trees. You can do this with your word processor but only by saving the file, opening your email program, browsing for the file and attaching it to an outgoing message.

CIS Produces The Forms You Need

Easysoft Legal Software’s Case Information Statement software has an optional module called FamilyDocs that includes over 130 forms from New Jerseys’ ICLE library. Why is this better than using a word processor? Because CIS automatically pulls relevant information from the case file. The spell checker keeps you from making embarrassing mistakes, and the editor allows you to customize each document.

The saved forms are included as part of the client’s file so you never lose track of them. And, though you can print the documents out, you can also email them as PDF or Word files — right from within the CIS New Jersey divorce software! You don’t have to struggle with an outside email program just to send a letter.

You need more from your attorney practice management software than just the ability to fill out a form. CIS and Easysoft Legal Software’s other products are designed to serve all the needs of the modern law office. Explore our website and find out more about our products today.

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