Flexible Licensing Options Designed To Meet Your Business Needs

Every law practice is different. Sure there are some similarities, but a single-attorney office with occasional trust accounting needs won’t have the same needs as a practice that employs dozens of attorneys with expertise that crosses the legal spectrum from divorce financial settlement to bankruptcy law. In order to accommodate the varying needs of our customers, Easysoft law office management software offers three licensing models.

A Permanent License gives your company full access to one of our legal software programs forever and also includes one year of free technical support. With a Permanent License you pay a single fee up front and don’t have to worry about any additional fees later. You can buy additional licenses if the software will be installed on multiple computers, and these licenses are priced lower than the primary user license. This is the best legal software licensing program from an economic point of view because it costs your company the least in the long run.

Another option is to buy an Annual License. When you purchase an Annual License on one of our law practice management software products you can use the software for a year with full technical support. As with Permanent Licenses, additional user licenses will be necessary if you will install the software on multiple computers but the additional licenses are priced much lower. This could be an option for companies who don’t have the assets for a Permanent License, who want to use our legal software programs for only a short time, or want to try out the product for a year before committing to a Permanent License. In the latter case we’d like to point out you can get free demos of all of our products and we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee that might be better options for taking test drives.

The third choice is to buy the cloud version of our law office management software rather than the desktop version. When you buy the cloud version you use the software on our servers over a secure internet connection rather than installing the software on your office computers. The Cloud License is a monthly fee and includes full updates and support as long as you continue to subscribe to the service. The Cloud License also includes automatic backups of your data nightly.

Our law practice management software is flexible, and so are our licensing options. Contact us for help choosing the best legal software licensing option for your firm.

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