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Easysoft to the Rescue

To help clients reach optimum divorce settlements means New York family law attorneys must be adept at intricate support and settlement-related financial calculations or have software tools to do the job. Manual calculations and preparation of new forms are next to impossible.

A new year brings good news for New York family law attorneys. If you’re struggling with divorce case documents to comply with recent changes in the State’s Domestic Relations law, you will be glad to know leading legal software provider, Easysoft has announced a major update for its EzSupport-NY family law software. New program features include:

  1. Comprehensive Case Data Input screen
  2. Automated Statement of Net Worth
  3. Child Support Worksheet (UD-8)
  4. Comprehensive Client Intake Form

For more details, visit the EzSupport-NY product page.

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Find out how new software tools can give your clients an advantage and simplify your job.

The hands-on webinar will take you through a sample divorce case and show you how you can easily:

  • Collect and enter case data that populates all case forms.
  • Calculate temporary maintenance/child support and generate required worksheets systematically and accurately.
  • Prepare multiple support worksheet scenarios and locate best option for your client.
  • Generate Statement of Net Worth automatically with all calculations in place.
  • Organize and produce all required family law forms in one place and from one set of data.
  • Perform common divorce settlement related calculations such as, net disposable income, present value of the alimony and buy-out options, pension valuation, etc.

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