Eliminate the Oops! When You Write Checks using Easysoft Legal Software

How many programs, papers, and calculators do you have on your desk when you are paying bills?  If you’re like most attorneys, you’re not taking advantage of the advances in legal software technology that resulted in our “Easy Trust” and “Easy TimeBill” a pair of legal software programs that take the mess out of day-to-day law office operations.

With Easysoft Legal Software, you complete all of your daily operations in a pair of legal billing and accounting software that connect with each other inside your computer.  You log in, make your time and cost entries into the Legal Time and Billing Software.  Print your monthly statements with ease using the attorney billing software because the software automatically compiles all the related entries into individual client statements.  Then, use your integrated trust accounting software to pay the firm from trust account funds with up-to-the-minute knowledge of how much is on deposit before and after the remittance.  End of the month, you simply reconcile the trust account balances to the bank statements.

Our legal software allows you to print checks through the trust accounting software.  This one-stop trust account and check writing feature enhances your safeguards.  Easysoft Legal Software’s trust accounting software will alert you, if you attempt to overdraw a client escrow fund.

Don’t wait for the bank to mail you a notification that you’ve overdrawn your attorney trust account.  At that point, the bank may already have sent a mandatory notification to your state bar association, and you may have a discipline investigation file opening letter in the mail to you just a few days later.  Censure, suspension, and disbarment are not cases you want to be working on when Easysoft Legal Software’s legal software is available to help you prevent the mistake in the first place.

Using Easysoft Legal Software’s escrow accounting and legal billing software software, get your alert before you write a check that overdraws a trust account.  You can then take action on that alert right away, including speaking to your client about replenishing the retainer deposit on a case file that is actively incurring expenses and billing.

Let Easysoft Legal Software eliminate the “Oops!” in your banking – even we know “Oops!” is not an affirmative defense.

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