Easysoft Legal Software Makes Everything Easy, Even the NJ Case Information Statement

A little bird over in Technical Support whispered in my ear that your pre-purchase question is whether our software will help you get better results for your client relative to the NJ Case Information Statement.

Let's try a little art of persuasion on the NJ CIS , shall we?

As we know, the NJ Case Information Statement is long, detailed, and important to the outcome of the case – “we” being are the software vendor and the lawyer; not the person who is the party to the divorce.

What clients know is that they haven’t been managing their finances, don’t want to know how little they own and how much they owe, and maybe don’t even want to get a divorce. Clients are almost certain to become defensive and resistant to your efforts to get them to provide all the financial information that you need to complete the Case Information Statement.

With Easysoft Legal Software’s CIS NJ software, you can start your conversation with your client by e-mailing them a questionnaire that is pre-loaded into our software. Clients can spend a day getting financial papers together and filling in the Case Information Statement. Then, clients can send the questionnaire back to you, along with .pdfs of any supporting documents.

If you need more information, for example to compute any New Jersey Child Support requirements, you work back-and-forth with your client, continuing to use the questionnaire. This interactive approach is so easy, you’ll wonder why you ever struggled without Easysoft Legal Software’s CIS NJ software.

As a back-up plan, if your client still doesn’t provide what you need, you can also use our Case Information Statement software as an outline for a highly productive client office meeting. Have your client come in and talk your client through each one of the screens for assets and liabilities, family information, and income and budget information. Print out the draft Case Information Statement for your client to take home. Then schedule your client to come back in a manageable time frame with additional information.

This ease of use with your clients and technical capabilities are features that you’ll find in all of our Easysoft Legal Software legal software products. All of our Easysoft Legal Software law office software is easy to download, easy to start using, and easy to fully utilize. And, if for any reason, you don’t find it easy, our Technical Support Staff will answer your questions at no additional charge for the first year after your purchase.

Whether you’re practicing in NJ or anywhere across the US, find out why Easysoft Legal Software is the best legal software for you.

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