Easysoft Legal Software Is Ready For The TRID Changes – Are You?

TILA-RESPA changes are coming, there is no question about that. While there are some in our industry who have beseeched Congress to ask the CFPB to delay those changes from going into effect on August 1, that doesn’t change the fact that at some point the changes will happen.

Easysoft Legal Software Is Ready

Rather than wait it out, avoid it, delay it, hide from it, or deny it’s happening, Easysoft Legal Software has chosen to meet those changes head-on. We’re in the process of upgrading our current Easy HUD software so that it will be 100% compliant with TILA-RESPA on August 1. That’s right – It’s ready to go, right now. All we need is for the calendar to switch over to August 1.

Actually, you don’t even need to wait until August 1 to see this new software in action. Easysoft Legal Software will be releasing the update in June, providing you with plenty of time to get acquainted with the software well ahead of the August 1 deadline.

Change Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

It’s human nature to dig in our heels and resist change, even if the changes are for the best in the long run. Even if you have accepted the inevitability of the new TRID rules, you may be groaning in frustration and wondering how you’re going to achieve compliance. This is particularly true if you’ve been managing the forms manually, or if your current software vendor will not be updating your system.

Easysoft Legal Software is here to let you know that this change doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be quite easy with the new EasyCDF closing software.

We've done the hard part for you by automatically integrating the 2015 changes into the software. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Even better, you’ll fill in those blanks just once, instead of the multiple times you’re filling out the same information on different forms now. EasyCDF will automatically carry relevant data over to additional forms and even builds a contact database so everyone at your firm can share the same data instead of entering it by hand for every transaction.

Easy HUD and, soon, the new EasyCDF, improve productivity, reduce data entry errors, speed up closings, and ensure 100% compliance with federal rules and regulations. The software is available in cloud and desktop versions, allowing you to choose the best software solution for your team.

Early Subscriber Benefits

If improved productivity and a month to learn a new software program before you have to use it aren’t reason enough to make the switch to Easysoft Legal Software, how about a discounted price? Anyone who pre-orders the software before July 1 is guaranteed a price at current rates. After July 1, when demand increases, so will our prices.

Contact Easysoft Legal Software today at 1-800-905-7638 to lock in pre-order pricing and put your mind at ease about the coming TILA-RESPA changes.

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