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Here at Easysoft Legal Software, we like to make Closing Disclosure and HUD-1 software. Our HUD-1 software includes HUD calculations so lawyers and their staff can easily provide top quality professional services to their clients at each closing. So, give yourself and your paralegal a break by using our property tax proration calculator, included in our HUD-1 software.

What are transfer taxes on HUD? Transfer taxes are imposed by state and local governments on the sale of real property. The amount of the tax is typically based on a percentage of the sales price. HUD-1 forms are used to calculate transfer taxes when a property is sold. Our software automatically creates a HUD statement for taxes.

With Easysoft Legal Software’s Real Estate Closing Software, you gain access to a comprehensive tax proration module that includes City, County, School, Condominium, and Sewer taxes. You simply enter the annual amounts of the taxes in their respective fields, enter the date of closing, and let our real estate software prorate the seller’s over/underpayments. Our legal software then automatically inserts the prorated taxes into the appropriate lines of closing documents. No more counting days and crunching fractions with our automated HUD calculations. With this built-in property tax proration calculator, you don’t even have to know how to calculate for the closing date. Your HUD statement for taxes is done for you.

Easysoft Real Estate Software also contains programming for the automatic calculation of property transfer taxes in every state. 

Your Closing Disclosure is more than just a formality — it's your key to ensuring a TRID-compliant closing.

TRID, or the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule, went into effect in October of 2015. This rule introduced new requirements for mortgage lenders and settlement agents, with the goal of creating more transparency and clarity during the homebuying process. One of the key components of TRID is the closing disclosure — a document that provides details about the mortgage loan your client has selected.

Our legal software’s closing disclosure keeps your real estate closings fully TRID Compliant during your closing process. We stay current with all TILA–RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) reporting requirements and automate them for you. Our Closing Disclosure form prompts you to enter figures into the correct form fields — it’s intuitive to the point where you don’t have to think about it.

Still doubtful it can be this easy? Why not take our legal software for a test drive. You’ll have a chance to see the screens, fill in the fields, push buttons, and print out forms when you sign up for our free 7 day trial and get full access to the software.

When it comes to a real estate closing, it’s no fun if it’s not Easy. Book a demo today and see for yourself how we make CD and HUD tax calculations Easy for real estate law firms.

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