Don’t Let Everyone in Your Office Read Over Your Shoulder

Pretty much every business has a computer network now. Even fast food restaurants tie all their cash registers into screens in the kitchen to coordinate the front and back of the house. In a legal practice, law office management software links employees over the network, allows them to coordinate their actions and giving everyone access to a central database of case information.

But wait…is that a good thing? Do you want every worker having access to every piece of information? Of course not. Modern legal billing software gives the option of sharing, but also gives the option of limiting access.

The enterprise version of Easy TimeBill stores billing information, case details, calendars, documents and a host of other data on a central server. Any employee on the network can read and change this information, but only as long as that user has the correct permissions set by the system administrator.

An office manager will have high-level permissions set up in the practice’s legal software programs so will be able to look at everything. The manager needs to have a full view of current cases to ensure work is being done, deadlines are being met and court dates are on the calendars of the relevant people.

An attorney will have broad permissions set up in the law billing software, but probably only on the cases that lawyer is working on. If the attorney needs information on some other case, it will be necessary to talk to the attorney assigned to that case rather than accessing the information directly.

A paralegal would also have access to relevant cases in the law office management software but not at the same level as the overseeing attorney. The paralegal might be limited to read-only access to some information, and might be barred from even viewing other data.

A billing clerk would be limited to generating invoices in the law office billing software but there would be no reason to give permission to read case notes, and certainly no reason to allow the clerk to change any information.

So although the enterprise version of Easy TimeBill creates a more open data structure, it doesn’t do so at the risk of security. You retain full control over data access in all of our law practice management software so only the right people get access to sensitive case files.

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