Don’t Forget About These Easy HUD Program Features

Easy HUD has been developed to speed up closing by automating the paperwork associated with buying and selling a home. However there is more to a real estate transaction than the HUD 1 settlement statement. Our real estate software includes a set of case management tools designed to streamline the closing process. These tools can be found under the Tasks/LinkedDocs tab on the main screen.

Tasks – Clients don’t realize just how many steps are involved in a real estate transaction. Forgetting even one of these tasks can delay closing or jeopardize the deal. Each time you open a new purchase or refinance record, Easy HUD automatically populates the task list with the most common chores, from ordering the title to giving the key to the client. You can add, modify or remove tasks from each job or you can modify the default task list from the Case Management screen (Ctrl+M).

Case Notes – You don’t need to be locked into predefined forms and lists. Sometimes you just need a piece of paper to scribble a few notes on. The Case Notes feature of Easysoft Legal Software’s real estate title software is a blank slate that allows you to record any details of the transaction, property, client or anything else. The notes will be kept with the file so you don’t have to worry about losing them, but won’t be displayed to the client.

LinkedDocs – One thing that was nice about the old days of paper is you could easily put all documents associated with a sale into one big folder. Modern real estate sales still involve a host of documents in addition to the HUD closing statement but they are more likely to be electronic rather than paper. This feature allows you to link to electronic documents anywhere on your computer or your company network. It might be a PDF copy of an inspection, a Word version of the contract, an Excel sheet analyzing mortgages or any other document. Keep all your electronic files in one virtual folder.

Calendar – See all important dates and appointments associated with a sale on one screen. Show your calendar by day, week, month or year to see all important dates at a glance.

Notes – If Case Notes is like a big piece of blank paper, then Notes is like a sticky note. These can be simple reminders or information that doesn’t belong in Case Notes. Flag notes by importance to discriminate between urgent information and interesting trivia.

To Do – Sometimes you need a task list outside of the task list. The To Do list is a way to keep track of the little things associated with the sale outside of the standard jobs you list in the Tasks section.

These case management features aren’t exclusive to Easy HUD. All of Easysoft Legal Software’s attorney practice management software includes these tools. Check out our other titles to see how they can save time and simplify your practice.

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