Do Your Divorce Clients a Favor: Lower Your Fees

Divorce is not only emotionally stressful; it is financially stressful. Dividing assets, adding spousal and child support payments on top of that, is an adjustment even for the wealthiest of clients. You can help alleviate the stress by controlling your fees. Now of course you are a business not a charity and you have the right to make a living, but there are ways to maintain a healthy profit without burdening your clients. Easysoft Legal Software’s CIS NJ divorce software helps you do that.

Out With the Old…

Take a moment to evaluate how you handle a divorce case. Are you still completing the Case Information Statement by hand? That require far too much of your time, not just to fill out the boxes but to do all the calculations — and to catch the errors you inevitably make from doing all the calculations manually!

Maybe you hire a divorce accountant to handle the financial aspect of the divorce. That makes sense — just like you hire an attorney to handle a legal matter, you hire a financial professional to handle a money matter. That has the benefit of letting you focus your time on the practice of law and makes it more likely that the CIS calculations will be correct. Unfortunately professionals charge a lot of money for their time. That charge just gets passed through to your client, inflating the cost of the divorce.

…In With the New

What New Jersey family law practices really need is software designed specifically for New Jersey divorce law, software like CIS by Easysoft Legal Software. Using the right technological tools allows you to complete the Case Information Statement in a fraction of the time. It also puts a host of other tools at your fingertips that make it easy to evaluate different custody and support scenarios, analyze assets and lifestyle, and exchange data with Divorce Financials to create tax-optimized settlements.

Now that you can handle divorces more quickly, with fewer billable hours, you can lower your fees and still realize a healthy profit. This is good for the client and gives you a competitive edge over other New Jersey attorneys who are stuck using the wrong solutions. You may think this means lower overall cash flow, but faster divorce means you can take on more clients and keep your revenues high.

No attorney likes the administrative side of the practice of law. Use CIS NJ matrimonial software to streamline your practice so you can work smarter rather than harder. Your clients will appreciate it.

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