Do High Net Worth Clients Benefit from Easysoft Legal Software’s New York Family Law Software?

Easysoft Legal Software is pleased to announce the rollout of New York family law software: EzSupport-NY.

In the previous post, we touched on the comprehensiveness of this divorce law software. In another post, we discussed its intelligence in generating an accurate NY Statement of Net Worth.

As with all of our software, our new EzSupport NY divorce law software captures all of the case information at the outset. That means that you only have to enter new information once—and all subsequent court forms, statements, and correspondence will record the names and roles (plaintiff versus defendant) of parties, children’s names and ages, assets, liabilities, and so forth. As with all of our family law software, calculations and forms are all inclusive—along with technical support and educational training. As with all of our legal software, a built-in timer allows family lawyers to record their time spent on a given matter.

But for high net worth clients—there’s an additional benefit. For those with multiple bank accounts, cars, homes, etc., there’s no need to attach messy additional pages to the Statement. There’s no need to break out the calculator, or Excel—and perform hand calculations of a client’s net worth.

Not only does our NY family law software automate the necessary calculations in the Statement of Net Worth—ensuring razor-sharp accuracy—it also expands the statement indefinitely to include an unlimited number of expenses, assets, income and liabilities.

To wit, you can add each of the following—in infinite quantity:

  • Businesses. The software will itemize everything from capitalization to income.
  • Vacation homes.
  • Checking and savings accounts.
  • Expense itemizations.
  • Stepchildren
  • Etc.

These easy expansions cover the wealthiest clients—or those with the most extensive obligations. They do so in an organized manner—with fields for itemized subtotals, bank names, and other helpful information. Throw your stapler away: our software will record it all for you.

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