Divorce Three Ways: Tools For Every Attorney

Every family law attorney has an individual way of doing things. You have your own preferences regarding where you meet with clients, how you gather information and even the way you manage your divorce settlement statement software. To support the myriad ways attorneys do business we offer three versions of our divorce settlement software.

The Desktop Version – This is Divorce Financials software offered in the traditional way. You download the software and install it to your computer. Larger firms can buy additional licenses to allow multiple attorneys to handle divorce settlements simultaneously. You can get either a one-year or a permanent license. This can be a good option for firms that have the IT personnel to handle their own installation, software updates and backups.

The Cloud Version – All of our attorney software titles are available in cloud versions as well. Rather than installing the software to your computer, you access our professionally-managed servers. This is a more flexible option than the desktop version because it allows you to use the software from any computer without needing to install it on each machine. You are not limited by operating system and can use the cloud version of Divorce Financials from Windows, Mac or even iPad and other tablet computers. Don’t worry about the technical side of things because our team of IT professionals keeps the cloud version fully updated and automatically backs up your data. Use the software securely anywhere you have an internet connection even if you are working from home, a coffee shop or a client’s home. Many firms find the cloud version more affordable than the desktop version since you pay only a small monthly subscription fee.

The Mobile VersionmEasysoft is divorce software for attorneys on the go. We offer versions for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or any Android device. The mobile application is a great supplement to either the desktop or cloud versions of the software, allowing you to quickly calculate alimony buyout, determine child support or complete other calculations no matter where you are. Even better is that mEasysoft is completely free!

The modern family law attorney has to be more mobile and flexible than in the past and Easysoft offers you the tools you need to handle today’s cases. Contact us at 800-905-7638 if you need help deciding which version is best for your practice.

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