Divorce Settlement Tip number five: Lump Sum Settlement

Lumping It Together

There isn’t a piece of software available to soothe or resolve the raw emotion and drama of most divorces. Even years after the divorce is final, divorce judgments can be reopened after a change in life circumstances—and spousal support arrangements can be drastically changed, and even eliminated.

Easysoft Legal Software’s Divorce Financials doesn’t try to smooth over the associated emotions.

But what it does do is alleviate uncertainty by addressing all of the options, now.

There’s no better example than our lump-sum settlement calculator.

Once you’ve got a divorce settlement figure on the table, we strongly recommend running it through Divorce Financials’ lump-sum calculator.

Based on the income data already captured, the software already knows each party’s income tax rates. So in seconds, your client can have another viable option—one that incorporates the built-in certainty of an upfront settlement figure.

Even if your client wants to pay or receive alimony over a course of time, the lump sum calculator provides food for thought. Without it, your client’s in the dark about the benefits of avoiding the potential future drama of court hearings, recalculations, and re-encounters with his or her former spouse.

Our easy-to-use, well reviewed and popular family law software makes it easy for you to provide more solutions than your competitors. It’s a platform you can use to market your services—and to deliver better advice to your clients, without having to hire an accountant.

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