Divorce Settlement – Tip one: Start With Available Cash

As a legal software company, we’re not in the business of advising lawyers how to practice divorce law—or any other type of law.

We are in the business of giving you ways to make your practice easier, more efficient, and stress-free.

Your parties’ faces and facts are unique every time. But there are a few things that remain constants as you advise your client towards settlement. It’s our job to point some of these out, so that you can spend less time figuring them out—and more time doing what you’re trained to do.

Case in point: When calculating spousal support amounts, you always start with available “cash,” versus gross figures.

What this means is that for every one of your clients, you’ve got to take gross income from multiple sources, and compute the value of after-tax liquid assets. You’ve got to compute the disposable income. If you don’t start with this value, then all of your subsequent calculations are going to be wrong.

Divorce Financials Software, our leading family law software, is designed to compute tax impact in an instant—giving you a quick number with which to begin calculations—and negotiations. Applicable in all 50 states, our divorce software saves you time spent figuring out tax brackets, and doing basic—or complex—math.

And when your starting baseline is easy, so is the work that follows.

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