Divorce Settlement On The Go: CIS NJ For Your Mobile Device

When you are discussing a divorce settlement with your client, an opposing attorney or the judge you can’t say, “Sorry, I’ll have to go back to my office before I can give you some numbers.” You need quick answers about child support. You can run Case Information Statement software on your laptop, but even the smallest laptop can be clumsy and awkward to use in many situations.

Nearly every attorney has a smart phone or tablet today so Easysoft Legal Software offers Easysoft, our free Case Information Statement (NJ) software for your mobile device. Anywhere you have access to the internet you can quickly calculate New Jersey child support just by plugging in a few numbers.

Easysoft brings the basics of New Jersey child support calculations to your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android device. The app is free and is eligible for the same high-quality technical support as any of our legal practice management software titles. If you have an incompatible device or just don’t want to install an app, we also offer a web version of New Jersey CIS calculations that can be used on any device with web access.

Using the Easysoft app is easy. Enter information on the number of children, including the number over 12, the number of nights and basic income information for each parent. Click the “Calculate” button and instantly you have a weekly child support figure. Click on the “Details” button for a breakdown of how that figure was reached.

We don’t claim Easysoft is a replacement for our full product, but it serves as a valuable companion application that lets you calculate child support values anywhere you need to. You’ll still need the full desktop product to calculate more complicated child support situations, generate forms, track case information and so on. However with Easysoft you have an accurate child support calculator in your pocket. You’ll find that the ability to come up with quick figures can be a great advantage in divorce negotiations.

Easysoft is a simple and convenient tool for attorneys on the go. Download the app to your phone or tablet for free by going to our CIS NJ page and clicking on the “FREE Mobile App” tab.

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