Divorce Attorneys! – How Easy Can Your (Mobile) Life Get?

You're having lunch with a client. He’s stressing over whether to make his alimony payment in one lump sum…or parcel it out over a stream of years. How much would he save over the long-term? How would this impact his income taxes?

"I can give you the answer now,” you say. You pull out your iPhone/Android/Blackberry and type in some numbers. Voila! Our mobile family law software spits out a chart, which contains all of the answers.

Your client breathes a sigh of relief. You’re the hero of the hour. And it was easy.

Now picture this.

You’re in a settlement conference. Opposing counsel wants to know what your client’s pension will be worth in 20 years. You don’t know, and you’re in her office. Luckily, you have your iPad with you. You run the application, punch in some numbers, and there you have it. An answer that helps get both parties closer to resolving this case.

Introducing m Easysoft : a mobile application which puts an impressive set of divorce settlement calculators at your fingertips. Available calculations include:

  • Alimony Buyout or Present Value
  • Pension Value
  • Alimony Recapture
  • State child/spousal support calculators

Best of all, this mobile app is free for current subscribers of Family Law software – with technical support. Just use the same support channels you currently use for all of your Easysoft Legal Software products.

To learn more about our full suite of family law software , call 800-905-7638. We promise you’ll get a real person on the line who can answer all of your questions.

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