Cloud Or Desktop: Which Is The Right Easy HUD Program For You?

Easysoft Legal Software offers both cloud and desktop versions of our software titles, and that includes Easy HUD. It’s important for you to understand the benefits and limitations of each format before you decide which real estate title software version is right for you.

Desktop/Laptop Advantages

  • No monthly cost — You pay a flat fee for either a year or for a permanent license
  • Retain full control — Some people simply prefer to be in charge of their software and their data.
  • No internet needed — Although internet is fairly ubiquitous, there are some real estate professionals who practice in dead zones where they can’t get the reliable internet service needed for cloud-based HUD settlement statement software.
  • Demo version available — Try before you buy so you know this software is right for your office.

Cloud Advantages

  • No computer knowledge required — We handle the technical details so you can simply work.
  • Work anywhere — Complete a HUD-1 settlement statement from any location you have internet access.
  • Device independent — Windows or Mac, desktop or tablet — whatever you use, we probably support it.
  • Automatic backups — Your data is safe in our professionally managed datacenters, and backed up regularly in case of disaster.

Which One To Choose?

No solution is right for everyone and only you can decide whether desktop or cloud is the way to go. Having said that we’ve found most of our customers are moving to the cloud-based version of Easy HUD and are happy that they do. They appreciate the flexibility, the ease of use, and the data security that comes from working in the cloud.

Of course we still have a significant number of desktop users and we will continue to support them for the foreseeable future. We got started in the desktop world and aren’t looking to abandon it. We will continue to improve and develop Easy HUD in both desktop and cloud formats.

Do you still have questions about whether desktop or cloud would be better for you? Call one of the experts at Easysoft Legal Software and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs from legal practice management software and help you decide on the right version.

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