Client-Interactive NJ Case Information Statement and Family Law Software

You ask us the same questions your clients ask you:  how can I save money?

If you’re practicing in New Jersey, our answer to you is the same answer you can give your clients:  you and your client can save time and money by using Easysoft Legal Software’s Case Information Statement and family law software.

Clients can’t do legal work – that’s why they’re hiring you, as a licensed professional, to advise and represent them.  But, what clients can do is tell you their story in a way that reduces the amount of time you spend collecting basic case information.

When you use Easysoft Legal Software’s Case Information Statement and family law software, you can e-mail your client the Case Information Statement as a .pdf or in Word document.  All of our software products are designed with the electronic communications used by modern law offices.  Clients are as busy as you are, and with our software you can quickly leverage technology to put the Case Information Statement into client hands to get them started on their data-gathering tasks.

With our Case Information Statement and family law software, completing the lengthy Case Information Statement with your client’s help is easy.  And, as soon as you get that information e-mailed back from your client, it can be electronically imported to a centralized data entry screen that populates all of the divorce forms.  Your clients will see immediate results and will appreciate the savings over spending two or three billable hours in conference with you.

Lest you fear that our Case Information Statement and family law software means your billing will go down, remember everything else for which you are responsible in the case.  You still have to calculate child support, figure out alimony, catalogue assets and liabilities and quantify a reasonable distribution.  All that, and we haven’t even listed custody.

Another reason to engage your client in the fact-gathering required for the Case Information Statement is to increase the level of detail you obtain.  It is one thing to ask clients questions in your office, but quite another to give them homework with blanks and spaces to be completed.  When a client is actively engaged in work that gets utilized by our Case Information Statement and family law software, you gain efficiency, a client who is happier with your billing, and a more thorough output in your Case Information Statement.

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