Case Information Statement Software Is Your Toolkit for A Mobile Practice

Family law in New Jersey or any state is not practiced from your office. You meet with other attorneys to negotiate in third party locations and occasionally in court. Information is power during negotiations, and often the attorney who doesn’t have the complete case file is the one who loses. Cloud-based NJ matrimonial software ensures you always have what you need at your fingertips.

A surprising number of lawyers still use briefcases. To be fair, there is something viscerally satisfying about a big stack of papers. However every one of these lawyers have experienced the stomach-sinking sensation that comes from realizing a key document was left back at the office, or even from forgetting a legal pad and pen to take notes.

It’s not enough to have just a copy of the CIS NJ divorces require. You need all of the supporting documentation. Laptop software gives attorneys the ability to keep digital copies of all documents within easy reach. Cloud-based software takes this portability one step further by allowing the attorney to access the information from any computer.

Having a computer means you always have the ability to take notes. Cloud-based software means those case notes are automatically included as part of the client’s file. You don’t have to worry about filing them later, or losing them somewhere between the courthouse and your office.

Computers allow you to refer to all the rulebooks. Although NJ family law software doesn’t include copies of the laws themselves, you can store PDFs of state laws, court rules and other documents for those times the opposing attorney goes all “rules lawyer” on you. Some attorneys try to cloud the issue by quoting non-existent rules, or misquoting existing ones — plus of course some lawyers simply make mistakes. You can pull up a copy of the law and read exactly what the real regulations are.

It can be difficult to transition to a new system, especially when you have been practicing for a long time. However “old school” attorneys are at a serious disadvantage against lawyers using attorney practice management software to manage their practices and case documentation. Today’s software is easy to learn and use, even for those who don’t like technology. Give your client the best possible representation by using the best possible tools.

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