Case Information Statement: NJ Divorce Nightmare?

Clients are often surprised how much paperwork is involved in a divorce. Although as a family law attorney you are used to the CIS, NJ divorcing couples are often overwhelmed by this huge and detailed form. You can use software to help you complete the form more quickly and easily, but you also need to be prepared to lead your clients through the dark forest of CIS preparation.

Educating Your Clients

Try to think back to the first time you completed the New Jersey CIS. It never seemed to end. You filled out page after page of figures, made more difficult by clients who don’t really know how much they spend on food every month and who’s idea of balancing their bank accounts is “I can’t be out of money; I still have checks left”.

Today you know the CIS is a key aspect of a New Jersey divorce, but to your clients it’s just a ridiculous piece of government paperwork. It’s often a good idea to explain to a new client what the CIS is and why it is so important to the divorce negotiation. After all, if the client doesn’t take the form seriously then you can’t trust the information provided.

Streamlining The Process

Modern CIS preparation is much easier due to affordable and easy to use Case Information Statement software. Enter information on income, expenses, assets and more and have the program automatically fill in the form. Prepare multiple support worksheets in a matter of minutes, finding the ideal agreement for your client. Generate other forms from the same data so you don’t have to enter any information twice.

Software can also make things easier for your client. Easysoft Legal Software’s Case Information Statement software includes an optional cloud application that allows your clients to enter financial information through a secure online portal. They can start out providing easily accessed information, like income or mortgage payment, right away. Then after they have a chance to track spending, they can provide other information such as food costs. Filling out the form piecemeal can make it less intimidating.

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