Better Bargaining With The Right Divorce Software

Family law attorneys know that divorce settlements aren’t always fair. In order to get your client the settlement deserved, you need to arm yourself with the latest technology and that means Divorce Financials divorce software for attorneys.

Bring Multiple Offers

It’s rare that an attorney makes a single settlement offer and it gets accepted. Negotiation is a process where each party moves towards the middle, hoping to end up on their side of the line in the end. It’s a game of inches.

Use divorce planning software to prepare multiple scenarios ahead of time. Of course you lead with the offer most advantageous to your client but your willingness to present other ideas will speed the negotiations by demonstrating your good faith and your desire to find a true solution and not just win a victory. You can see the effects of different support scenarios in terms of actual out-of-pocket differences to each spouse, and that can have a huge impact on the value of a given settlement.

Consider New Offers On The Fly

When the opposing attorney makes a similar offer to yours, say by agreeing to the terms in principle but asking for 10% more child support, then it’s a pretty straightforward decision. But what if you are offered something completely different than what you have been considering, such as a lump sum alimony or pension buyout? Are you prepared to judge the true value of the offer?

If all you have is a stack of canned offers then you are left stammering as you try to evaluate this new offer. On the other hand if you have family law software installed on your laptop you can enter a few numbers, prepare an analysis and give the other attorney an answer within minutes. Quick decisions can be catastrophic if you don’t know the situation, but slow analysis keeps you from grabbing opportunities as they arise. Come prepared with both information and the right tools, and you will control the negotiation from the first moment.

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