Are New Jersey Child Support Laws Changing?

One of the challenges of producing software for attorneys is that laws change. Our commitment to our customers includes keeping all of our products up to date with changes to local, state and federal laws. For example we are keeping a close eye on the New Jersey Supreme Court since they are reviewing changes to the state’s child support amounts and that will affect our Case Information Statement software.

The court is considering a proposal to change New Jersey’s child support laws to reflect how families really spend their money by looking at spending over a 12-year period from 2000 to 2011. We all know those years were an economic rollercoaster and present a microcosm of how a family’s needs change as the economy goes from boom to bust to recovery.

You might expect that the recommendations would result in an across-the-board increase or decrease in child support, but it’s not that simple. In some cases the recommended rates go up and in some they go down. One thing analysts have noted is that the proposed child support for two children is not much higher than it is for one child since the studies show a second child doesn’t increase a family’s costs by as much as you might think.

The new rules won’t directly affect Case Information Statement preparation. The form will be filled out the same way but the consequences will change. Attorneys used to the old schedules will need to use NJ family law software to prepare scenarios using the new rates. The balance between alimony and child support is likely to change. The new law could have a profound effect on divorce settlements.

If the court approves the proposal then we will release an updated version of our New Jersey divorce software to reflect the new tables. This will be a free update available to all of our customers.

Our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of changing spousal and child support laws is one of the many reasons so many people use Easysoft Legal Software attorney practice management software. If you aren’t an Easysoft Legal Software customer, contact us to find out why our products are used by over 15,000 happy customers.

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