Are Changes Coming For New Jersey Alimony?

As of this writing, bill A845 is waiting for Governor Christie’s signature. This bill is an attempt to reform New Jersey alimony laws by eliminating permanent alimony and adding provisions for the payor’s changing income status. Easysoft Legal Software is watching the bill to see how it will affect our NJ family law software, CIS.

You can read plenty of horror stories about alimony in New Jersey. Men have been financially ruined and even sent to jail over their inability to provide what some people feel are unreasonably high spousal support payments, payments that will never go away in their lifetimes.

The bill is actually a conglomeration of three bills, merged to form a compromise measure. It was passed by the state Senate and Assembly and now needs Governor Christie to sign or veto it. Supporters of the bill say permanent alimony is an outdated concept that goes back to the 1950s when women didn’t work outside of the home. Others feel the bill should be vetoed because it doesn’t go far enough or because they disagree with changes that are made.

We aren’t going to wade into that debate since it’s not our place to. However we always keep an eye on New Jersey family law changes so we can be sure that CIS is always relevant to today’s laws and not the laws of five years ago. Whether it’s a change in the CIS statement NJ divorces require or a modification of the alimony formula or an update of child custody determination rules, you can be sure that Easysoft Legal Software will stay on top of the changes and update CIS accordingly.

Laws change. Societal attitudes change. Even individual beliefs about marriage and divorce and raising children change. Our goal is to maintain CIS as an open-ended tool to allow family law attorneys to find a divorce settlement that is best for all parties involved while still remaining true to the letter and spirit of New Jersey law.

This is one of the many advantages of using Easysoft Legal Software’s CIS software in your New Jersey family law practice. We help you stay on top of the latest changes in the law, so you can provide your clients with the best option available under current rules.

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