The 8 Benefits of Electronic 1099-s Filing

It’s no secret that real estate closings involve a ton of paperwork. That’s why most attorneys in solo or small firms complete closings with best practices in mind. 

This includes concluding the real estate transaction with the important task of filing the 1099-S form with the IRS. And, many top attorneys know that electronic 1099-S filing is often the best method to do so.

While there are many ways to file a 1099-S form, including mailing paper forms from your office or paying an accountant or a service, the best way to ensure that you’re not missing this important step or critical deadlines is to file immediately after the closing. Submitting the 1099-s electronically is the preferred way to go.

8 Reasons to Use Electronic 1099-S Filing

There are several more reasons why electronic 1099-S filing is the best choice for real estate professionals, including:

  1. Speed - Filing 1099-s forms immediately is the key to being on-time and avoiding last minute chaos. 
  2. Ease - Once your closing is complete, it’s easy to go directly to filing the 1099-S automatically. Best of all there’s no re-entering information, because ALL the closing data including the seller’s name, address and other pertinent information gets carried over from the CD, making completing the 1099-S filing simple and easy.
  3. Fast - File your 1099-S form with the click of a button. The file is transmitted securely to the IRS and you receive a confirmation number so you know the document was submitted.
  4. Accurate - When you enter the client information into your Easysoft Real Estate Software, it is automatically populated on the 1099-S form. There’s no reason to run the risk of making errors that will cause the IRS to reject the form and force you to re-file. 
  5. Affordable - Enrollment in our 1099-S e-filing program is the most affordable way to get your filings completed on-time and accurately. With a small fee of $10 per filing, you’ll save yourself the aggravation and extra costs of having to hire someone to print and mail all those forms. 
  6. Timely – You can electronically file 1099-S forms as you complete transactions over the course of the year. Real estate offices that use paper forms tend to put them off and find themselves struggling to get all the submissions in before the annual deadline.
  7. Mobile – Because Easysoft Real Estate software is cloud based, you can file your electronic 1099-S forms anywhere you have an internet connection. You don’t have to wait to get back to the office to file. You can transmit the forms from anywhere, anytime.
  8. Safe - Electronically-filed 1099-S forms are as safe as or even safer than forms sent through the mail. Plus, you do not have to worry about your form being lost or delayed in the mail. When you file your 1099-S form electronically, you know the information is transmitted directly to the IRS, which reduces the chances of errors.

If you are looking for an easy, safe, and accurate way to file your 1099-S forms, electronic filing is the solution for you. With e-file, you can be confident that your forms will be filed on time and that the information contained within them is accurate. 

Best of all, electronic 1099-S filing is affordable and can be done from anywhere with internet access. These benefits make it the best choice for attorneys looking to file 1099-S forms. With all these advantages, there is no reason not to switch to electronic filing! 

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