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Management Software

Real Estate Documents are now available as part of your Real Estate Closing Solutions.

Save Time and Improve Accuracy by Automating Real Estate Closing Forms 

By implementing an automated real estate document management system, you can save your firm time and money. You only have to enter information once in the centralized data entry screens for all: 

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Properties
  • Lenders
  • Pay-offs
  • Titles, and more. 

Generate any form automatically from a common set of data entered. Our real estate document management software includes over 200 closing forms. View merged documents on-screen with the data filled in exactly as they will print. Then, you can make any needed changes and print or email.

If any corrections are necessary, just make changes in one place and regenerate your real estate forms. This document management system for real estate is completely customizable. You can add an unlimited number of your own forms or customize provided forms. A standard library of automated forms accessible to your entire work group will enhance profitability and customer satisfaction.

Fully integrated with Easysoft’s HUD software, this complete HUD software system is capable of automating every aspect of real estate closings. The best real estate document management systems are automated, saving your business time and money. 

Develop Your Own Library of Real Estate Forms

The Easysoft program comes with many common and state-specific forms. You can also add an unlimited number of new forms and edit any provided forms. Adding forms or editing forms is as simple as regular word processing. Your entire work group can use one set of standardized forms, thus consistently generate error-free documents.

Being able to customize and develop your own library of forms gives you the ability to control your document management software for real estate. You can make it specific to your firm’s needs. 

Real Estate Documents and Easysoft’s HUD form Work in Tandem

Real Estate Documents and Easy HUD programs are fully integrated. While you can license one program only, if you prepare HUD-1 or HUD-1A forms, a combined license will provide unprecedented automation. No need to enter and track data in multiple places.

This combined license enables faster data management while reducing manual input tasks, freeing up time to focus on other important aspects of the real estate transaction. This integrated approach leads to unified reporting, while also ensuring that all paperwork is accurate and up-to-date.

Software Evaluation, Pricing and Support Options


Subscriptions start at $69 per user, per month. All subscriptions include unlimited technical support, valid as long as your subscription is active and come with a 7-day free trial.

Now, you can integrate your real estate document software in a risk-free trial. Try it and see if automating these tasks makes sense for your real estate legal office. 

Key Features

Real Estate Document Software: Key Features

Settlement agents understand that generating forms quickly and accurately is a fundamental requirement for real estate closings. Yet, learning new methods of generating forms can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

If you have tried tools to automate forms and given up due to cost or complexity, now it is time to try Easysoft Legal Software Real Estate Documents software. We have taken every step possible to make the program easy to use and we have included all the important features you need.

Centralized Data Entry

  • Organized set of comprehensive data collection screens, separated by sections.
  • All entered data is available for use in the real estate forms and documents you need for your closings.
  • Easysoft’s HUD form data is automatically available in Real Estate Docs and vice versa.
  • In case of changes or corrections, you can adjust data in one place and re-generate all the forms at once.

Assemble Documents in One-Click

Residential and commercial real estate document management has never been easier. You can assemble closing documents in as little as one click! 

  • Program comes with many common forms such as letters, power of attorney, contracts, leases, mortgage docs, and a variety of state-specific forms. 
  • Simply select the required form and the “merged document” is ready. Enter any template specific information needed (displayed in a different color) and your document is ready.
  • No extra word processing, spell checking or PDF processing tools required. Easysoft’s real estate document management software provides everything you need.

Customize Forms or Add New Forms

Your forms can be customized to your office's unique needs. Once you have your forms created, customized, or added, you can format them to reflect your brand or office. 

  • All forms in the program are fully customizable. You can adjust them just like you would a word processing document and add any formatting needs you have, like a header and footer. 
  • The forms each law firm needs are unique and no program library will have all forms. You can add an unlimited number of your own forms to the program. Simply add the form, drop case fields and your form template is ready to use across all cases.
  • Your entire team can share the documents at the same shared locations, allowing you to standardize forms, and produce consistent, error-free documents.

Advanced Productivity Features

With advanced productivity features, your real estate document management will help save you time and frustration. 

  • Print or save all prepared forms as Word or PDF files and email from the program.
  • You can also save prepared forms with the main case file, eliminating the need to create multiple file documents for a case. You can save all required data and generated forms in one single click.

We will periodically update and add the forms provided in the program. Your form library will be updated automatically when we release a new form set. All you need is an internet connection and a current program subscription to benefit from automatic updates. 

Don’t worry; the forms you edited or added will remain intact! Your real estate document storage is secure and safe. 

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