Case Management Tools For Easy CIS Preparation

New Jersey family law attorneys don’t just plug a few numbers into a form and mail it off. Firms may handle dozens of divorces at the same time and some of these cases may drag on for months. You need legal practice management software that not only helps you complete the Case Information Statement (NJ) but also helps you manage the information associated with the case. Easysoft Legal Software’s NJ CIS software includes several useful tools found on the Case Management tab of the Case Data section.

Discovery Log – The respective counsels in a divorce case will need to exchange documents. It is important to track this information to be sure all important information has been sent and received in a timely fashion. You can verify you have received all relevant documentation before completing the Case Information Statement and can be sure to meet any discovery requests you’ve received from the other attorney. The Discovery Log isn’t just a list of forms and deadlines however. With so many documents being electronic nowadays, you can link the discovery log entry to the actual document making it easy to view as needed. Track both sent and received documents by document type, party name, document name, deadline, receipt date and more.

Calendar – Track your schedule with this easy utility. You can note appointments with clients, other attorneys, court dates or any other scheduled function. In addition to noting the event, date and time you can also specify the priority (Low, Normal or Critical) and whether or not the appointment is billable time. Set up reminders to alert you to upcoming events. Reminders could range from a notification a few minutes before an appointment to a warning of an upcoming tax deadline in a few months.

Tasks – One divorce is a collection of a thousand small tasks. Overlooking even one of these can affect the outcome of the case. Create a to-do list not just for yourself but also for subordinates. Enter the task, due date and priority. Update tasks with status and completion percentages so you can see at a glance how much remains to be done on a specific case.

Case Notes – There is so much more information in a divorce case that what appears on the New Jersey CIS form. Add free-form notes here, tagged with date and priority, to help to manage information associated with a case. These notes are internal and won’t appear on any forms or letters generated by the software.

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