Does your firm deal with many easement and boundary disputes?

Are you and your partners regularly required to perform searches for deeds, voluntary and involuntary liens, encumbrance and other types of property research? If so, InfoTrack can fill most of your research needs from just one window.

Our InfoTrack integration is designed to make conducting a title search on a property fast, easy, and efficient. This provides you with accurate and up-to-date information on a property title, including deeds on a property, open voluntary and involuntary liens, owner encumbrances, APN/Tax ID numbers, open mortgages, current tax info for subject properties, refinance searches, and much more.

The lien search software is designed to help law firms, title companies, and mortgage lenders quickly identify any unrecorded liens or lien searches that may affect a property's chain of title.

Property Title Search Software:

The information available through these searches includes:

  • deeds on a property;
  • open voluntary and involuntary liens;
  • owner encumbrances;
  • APN/Tax ID numbers;
  • open mortgages;
  • current tax info for subject properties;
  • refinance searches and much more.

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Easysoft Legal Software

The integrated property title search app is powered by advanced title search software, which allows you to quickly and easily access all the legal data search software you need to perform a thorough and comprehensive real estate title search.

The deed title search feature, allows users to find all legal documents related to a property's ownership history, including previous owners, legal owner, and any liens on the property.

At the heart of our property title search intergation is our commitment to helping real estate law attorneys make the process of buying a home easier and less stressful for their clients. By providing you with accurate and timely information on any taxes, liens, or legal encumbrances on a property, our integration empowers you to advise your clients to make informed decisions about their real estate purchases and investments.

Our property title search integration also includes a municipal lien search feature, allowing you to quickly identify any outstanding liens or taxes owed to local authorities. Whether you're representing a homebuyer or property investor, our integration provides you with all the legal research software you need to confidently perform a property title search and navigate any legal challenges that may arise.

Why wait? Use Easysoft with InfoTrack and start performing title searches during the closing process with ease!

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