Easysoft Legal Software Provides Answers to the 18 Questions for TILA-RESPA Software Providers

When will the enhancements/ modifications to the current closing software program be available?

  1. Date? EasyCDF is available now. Please visit our contact page or call 800-905-7638 for more information.
  2. How do I obtain the upgrade? Current Easy HUD users will receive an automatic update to their existing software.
  3. Do I need to purchase new/upgraded equipment? No, EasyCDF is available in cloud and desktop versions and runs on your company's current hardware.
  4. Will there be additional fees for the enhancements? No, current Easy HUD users will receive the upgrades at no additional cost.

Which forms will be available in the software program?

  1. Closing Disclosure Forms: all variations including purchase, refinance and seller. EasyCDF also features over 200 real estate documents including the new TRID forms.
  2. New Closing Statement(s) to be used with the issuance of the Closing Disclosure? Yes, all forms will be fully compliant with the 2015 TRID changes.
  3. Will existing forms of HUD-1 and HUD-1a remain for transactions that are exempt from the Rule? Yes.
  4. Will documents in your system that currently feed or pull from HUD-1 line numbers need to be updated? No, EasyCDF allows you to make changes in one place and then regenerate the documents as needed.


  1. Will the ability to produce a Closing Statement be available? Yes, Closing Statements are just one of the over 200 real estate closing documents included in EasyCDF.
  2. Will the system enhancements allow us to automate the exchange of data with lenders? (E.g. Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) compliant using the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD)? Yes, EasyCDF is MISMO compliant.
  3. Will the system maintain a historical copy of each Closing Disclosure form generated (i.e. revision history)? Yes, every form is saved as a separate file.
  4. Will the system track delivery date and time stamp? Yes.

If I am thinking about switching software providers, what other questions should I be asking?

  1. Do they have items on my wish list? Yes, EasyCDF has integrated ledger, 1099-S reporting, and TILA-RESPA compliant functions and is available in both cloud and desktop versions.
  2. Are there opportunities for additional functionality? Easysoft is planning many exciting new software releases in the coming 12 months. Our software development team is working on exciting, cutting edge technology that will help streamline your practice and make you more money.
  3. Will I need to revisit my current business practices and workflow? Perhaps. EasyCDF will streamline your workflow and reduce closing time.

Training and Support:

  1. Training provided? Yes, Easysoft has a Client Support Portal, online training videos and training webinars and live-by-phone technical support available.
  2. Cost? EasyCDF is $69 per user per month (billed annually) for the desktop version and is $69 per user per month (billed annually) for the cloud version.
  3. Support offered? Yes, your EasyCDF purchase includes unlimited, live-by-phone technical support for the duration of the subscription.

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