Whitepaper: The Complete Guide to Automation and How Easysoft Helps the Closing Process

The Outsourcing Question

One of the dilemmas for real estate attorneys is whether or not to outsource the actual closing work to a title company. For some firms with wide margins and an existing connection to a trusted title company, the decision is easy. But for smaller outfits, working with an outside title company represents another expense that, quite frankly, could cut too deep into profits.

Thanks to ever-changing rules and regulations, small firms and solo practitioners need to have safeguards in place to make sure they stay compliant. This is where good automation software would be well worth your investment.

What is Automation?

For those who are not technologically savvy, automation can be a scary word. But if used right, automation is going to make your office life much simpler. Don’t think of automation as some new-age idea. There are plenty of automation options that operate much simpler than humanlike robots or driverless cars. Instead, think of closing software automation as an extra employee that can take care of some of your most mundane tasks quickly and accurately.

Manually entering such data over and over is inefficient, time-consuming and labor-intensive for your team. You can probably think of five tasks you perform routinely just because that’s how you’ve always done it—robbing you of precious hours and money to focus on other parts of your business. Think about how great it would be to have a program that auto-fills the mountain of forms needed for a closing after just a single data entry. Automation can help you be sure that your small firm will never accidently miss filling out a form. Automation can also generate regular reports needed for the office at a scheduled time and disburse them to the necessary parties so your team has them when needed.

Automation will so seamlessly become a part of your closing process that you will soon wonder how you did closings and other clerical tasks without it for so long.

As a real estate attorney, a lot of your time is devoted to documentation. That is just part of being in this industry. But because a lot of the information on many of the required documents in a real estate transaction is repeated and standard, one of the easiest tasks to automate is their generation.

Data generation is often done by merging common document templates with a database of live information. Since documents are generated from a common dataset, changes are made quickly and uniformly implemented. Every closing has multiple documents, but much of the information is duplicated. It would be much easier if after entering that information a single time, it was populated in the proper spaces on the other forms … automatically. That’s exactly how automation can help your firm.

While a similar effect has been accomplished for years by creating and using custom forms, templates, macros, or document mergers with word-processing programs such as Microsoft Word, those stalwart methods fall short today, for a couple of reasons.

First, there's the investment of time and money required to create them, and second and perhaps more importantly, the data remains captive to that program, and must be re-entered in another software program to perform other related tasks. That means even though some of that information is copied from an original location, it has to be manually checked. That takes time and there is also a bigger chance for errors. A better automation program is both the closing agent’s present and future. Think about it: Everyone is looking for the program or innovation that will give them a competitive advantage. That’s why you’re here researching your options. You know your old methods could be improved, it’s just a matter of finding the right fit.

Automation technology is here to help all real estate attorneys, whether they work for a small outfit or a large firm. The right software will undoubtedly boost profits, increase efficiency and improve office productivity.

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Why Pick Easysoft?

Easysoft knows that while automation can soon make everything you do easier, it can be daunting at the start. That is why our technology is easy to install and use. (There is no IT background required to figure us out and it literally takes minutes to set up.) Plus, if any questions or issues do arise, Easysoft has live chat support, and we are constantly improving our software when needed. All of Easysoft’s software is 100% TRID compliant, so there’s added peace of mind.

Easysoft (and specifically our EasyCDF program) makes it possible for real estate attorneys to:

  • Handle closings in-house
  • Streamline the closing process
  • Meet the new federal requirements even if they have never managed a closing before
  • Work with clients from start to finish
  • Keep the fees they are losing out on (when they outsource to a title company) because it’s as easy as filling in the blanks

EasyCDF's capabilities include:

  • Automatically populates GFE-HUD comparison sheets
  • Displays charges as a lump sum or itemized
  • Provides over 200 of the different real estate closing forms needed
  • Prepares automated and balanced disbursement ledgers
  • Prints checks
  • Files 1099-S forms electronically
  • Automatic calculation of fees, payments, and balances

EasyCDF works for all real estate firms, no matter how many closings they handle. It is a practical solution to managing closings in house, saving time and money. The software is 100 compliant with all the most current federal real estate closing documentation requirements, including the TRID requirements. It is easy to use and understand because it guides users through the process step-by-step, ensuring no form is forgotten and no data is missed. Auto calculations and built-in compliance features make it practically impossible to make a mistake. EasyCDF will improve a firm's closing efficiency, guarantee compliance, and help attorneys retain their profit margins.

There’s no easier, safer way for real estate attorneys to manage real estate closings than with EasyCDF. It’s the best solution to your firm’s outsourcing dilemma.

Easysoft enables attorneys and closers to save time and improve efficiency, which means that you and your team will have more time devoted to clients and take opportunities to grow the business. The choice to automate some tasks allows attorneys to close faster, reduce risks, save time, and ultimately, reach more clients.


Automation technology is here to help all real estate attorneys, whether they work for a small outfit or a large firm. The right software will undoubtedly boost profits, increase efficiency and improve office productivity.

With a software solution such as Easysoft, real estate attorneys can automate the entire closing process themselves, reduce risk of errors, maximize productivity by building upon a central database of information, generate final-form documents, eliminate redundant data entry and handle all aspects of real estate accounting. Contact us today and find out just how easy and affordable it is to start using automation to your advantage for your closing work – no matter the size of your operation.

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