HUD Software on cloud or desktop?

We Provide Options — You Choose
Installation You install and maintain programs. Pre-installed and Maintained by us.
Flexibility Only compatible with Windows. Anytime, Anyplace, Any Machine. (Window/MAC/iPad, Internet Required)
Printing On Local Printers. On local and wireless printers (if cloud compatible)
Data Security You protect, manage and backup data. Extensive security and protection measures. Only US based servers used.Click here to learn more about our cloud security.
Cost License fee covers software. Monthly fee covers software and above features.

Easysoft offers two version of Easy HUD: a cloud-based version and a traditional desktop version. Each has its advantages and only you can decide what the better option for your practice is.

Desktop Version

When you purchase the desktop version of Easy HUD you install the software on your local computer. You don’t need an internet connection to use it, which can be a big advantage if you practice in areas with unreliable internet service. Your data is stored only on your computer and you might be more comfortable protecting and backing up the data yourself.

That responsibility for installation, maintenance, security and backup can also be a disadvantage. Although Easy HUD is simple to install and use, it can still be intimidating if you are not a technical person. Hiring an IT consultant can be expensive. You also don’t have access to your case files unless you have access to the specific computer where Easy HUD is installed.

Cloud Version – Real Estate Closing Software for Mac

The cloud version of Easy HUD software is installed on Easysoft’s servers. You access it via a secure internet connection. You don’t have to worry about installation or updates as we handle all of the technical details. You can access your case files from any computer including Windows, Mac, and even tablets like the iPad. Your information is protected by some of the best digital security measures available, and data is backed up regularly so you don’t have to worry about it.

With the cloud version, no internet connection means no access to your files. However internet has become so ubiquitous that it would be hard to find a place that doesn’t have some kind of Wi-Fi or other internet access.

Which One Should You Choose?

Most of our clients prefer the flexibility and ease of the cloud based version but we also still have many customers who swear by the desktop option. The reason we offer both versions is that every practice is different, and your needs will determine whether you would be better served by the cloud or the desktop version.

If you need help choosing, our sales representatives will be happy to assist. We can talk about your practice, your needs, even your level of technical knowledge and help you to come to a decision that is right for your practice. Remember that we offer a 30-day no-risk guarantee so if you decide the version you chose isn’t the right one after all, you can always get a refund and try the other one.

Please call us at 800-905-7638 for help deciding which version is better for you.

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