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Our real estate closing software featuring industry-leading real estate document management allows you to handle all your correspondence, client data and key real estate documents in one place - so you can close faster, every time.

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  • Generate any form you need from our library of 200+ closing forms
  • Easy online access anywhere, anytime
  • No training, technical background or expertise required
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  • Constant product updates & improvements

Revolutionary one-click document automation via 200+ closing forms

Sometimes it feels like all we do is fill out forms during the real estate closing process. Easysoft Legal Software’s intelligent online Real Estate Documents allows you access to over 200 up-to-date forms, pre-filled with client data so you can correspond and close faster.

Forms include:

  • Deeds
  • Affidavits
  • Mortgages
  • Powers of attorney
  • Leases
  • Notices of Settlement

Plus, add your own forms or customise any of our forms - all in one place Once you’re ready, our one-click document automation process allows you to create your documents quickly and easily, while ensuring full legal compliance.

Ensure TRID, Data and RESPA Compliance

Our software is constantly updated to ensure full compliance with the latest laws and relevant forms, so real estate closing firms remain 100% compliant with changes as they happen. This keeps your workflow running smoothly with no downtime.

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Simple 1099-S Filing

Easysoft makes preparing 1099-S submissions a breeze by automating all the forms you need to submit to the IRS. Forget time-consuming manual data-entry - with Easysoft Legal Software, you can automatically populate data to your 1099-S submissions, plus reduce the risk of errors.

Closing Management

Stay on top of the closing process with Easysoft Legal Software’s centralised data entry platform, which allows you to manage all your real estate closings in one place.

Easysoft Legal Software

1. Upload all your closing information - anywhere, anytime.

2. Data auto-populates through all documents needed on your closing process

3. One-click form generation - to save time and close faster

4. Reduce paperwork by storing all information online

5. HUD included for cash closings