Legal Software Programs for the Alabama Real Estate Market and Attorneys

Legal software programs are a valuable resource for Alabama attorneys and their staff. These programs can help you stay organized and efficient, making your work easier and faster. In this blog post, we'll discuss how and what some of the best legal software programs for the Alabama real estate market can do for you and how they will benefit your practice. So if you're looking for a way to improve your workflow and increase your profitability, read on. 

About the Alabama Real Estate Market and Attorneys

For attorneys in Alabama, the booming housing market means it’s a great time to add residential real estate as an area of practice, especially for solo and small firm attorneys in general practice.

If you’re ready to capitalize on that upswing and are ready to get started adding real estate to your general practice, you’re making a smart decision. That’s because Alabama is considered an attorney closing state, meaning that a licensed real estate attorney is required to be present and to draft and prepare all legal documents involved in a real estate transaction. Legal software programs will help you remain compliant while saving time and money during the drafting, preparing, and filing of all legal documents needed. 

Get started with the basics

There are many factors to consider when adding real estate to your practice, but chief among them is understanding the requirements and finding the RIGHT tools so you and your staff can move quickly and efficiently through the closing process. First, let’s look at the required documentation, starting with the Closing Disclosure (CD).

Understanding the Use of the Closing Disclosure (CD)

There are many documents and complex calculations associated with closings and your client will be relying on you to complete the Closing Disclosure (CD). The CD is the form that all financed residential closings must include as it is a federally required document. As the attorney in a closing, you’ll be required to enter all the relevant information onto the CD for the buyer, seller, deposits, cost of the purchase, taxes, and other relevant figures. 

Be sure you are using a TILA-RESPA (Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) compliant CD which will help guide you through all the necessary disclosures. You must remain in compliance with the TILA-RESPA. In order to ensure everyone in your practice is, you can keep them consistent by having everyone use the same legal forms software programs. 

A brief history of the CD

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a response to the 2007-2008 financial crisis which mandates that several different forms be integrated into one easy-to-understand document for borrowers. The TILA-RESPA rule exists and, although it has the greatest impact on the lender, it is important for Alabama solo and small firm attorneys and their staff to understand this new rule and communicate it to their clients. 

Let’s do the Math

Real estate closings are transactional and crunching numbers is a large part of executing the closing. Your clients will be relying on you for accuracy and guidance as your firm prepares their documents. That’s why it’s important that you use the right software to help you and your staff with the complex calculations associated with closings. 

As residential real estate solo attorney Lou Petralia says, “You have to be able to master the math so you can explain it to your client”. That’s why Easysoft is THE most widely used auto-calculating software for attorneys and their staff. With Easysoft, you can easily prorate taxes, project payments, calculate closing costs and other fees, and loan costs. You’re guaranteed to be compliant and accurate with Easysoft’s legal software programs because they are programmed to deliver those needs. The best legal software for your firm, will be able to automate the tedious and complex areas of your real estate closings. 

Choosing the Right Legal Software 

Once the closing process has started, all essential data must be entered and organized and that can mean repetitive data entry and on-going changes that can affect the final numbers.

For Alabama attorneys, especially those with solo and small firms that are looking to add real estate to their practice, or for those with small to medium closing volume, having affordable software can be the key to a profitable practice. Keep all the profit for your solo practice and remain compliant, efficient, and accurate with Easysoft Real Estate Software, the RIGHT software for your needs. 

Easysoft Real Estate Software, was created over 35 years ago, by a programmer and real estate attorney for the purpose of finding a ‘better way’ to manage the ongoing need to calculate and recalculate numbers during the closing process. While the Closing Disclosure (CD) was designed to provide all the disclosures consumers need to understand costs for their mortgage, Easysoft was designed to be fully TRID compliant and was created exclusively for attorneys so they can quickly, accurately, and easily complete the CD and other aspects of their real estate closings. 

Since that time, Easysoft has served the needs of Alabama attorneys and their staff with affordable, practical, and easy-to-use software that is reliable and compliant.

About Easysoft Software and the Automated Closing Disclosure Form 

With built-in features that help simplify the workflow and keep all parts of the closing process unified, compliant, and error-free, you can be confident in your decision to join thousands of attorneys who use Easysoft. Not only does the software feature the mandatory compliant and easy-to-complete Closing Disclosure Form, it also features:

- Automatic calculations

- The ability to export to the ledger

- Paperless 1099-S filing

- Once and done data collection

- Check printing directly from the software

- Ability to work anywhere, anytime

- And more

With features that simplify the workflow and keep all parts of a closing process unified and compliant, Easysoft’s legal forms software program is an excellent choice for attorneys looking to protect themselves from liability. Not only does their software have templates so you don't need vast real estate experience or knowledge in order to complete it, but there are also customizable options which allow users greater control over what they want on each page. The automated nature makes sure no matter how many documents come through, that CD will still look professional. 

Why Choose Easysoft Legal Forms Software Program

With Easysoft, you get free tech support, a free 7-day trial, and no added fees to get started. We want our clients to feel comfortable introducing a legal software program to their practice, which is why we offer our risk-free trial. Often, once an attorney tries our program, they tell us it’s the best legal software they’ve used, and so the free trial we offer pays back in dividends. Best of all, there is no training needed, so adding real estate to your practice means you can be up and running in minutes and you can start adding profits to your practice right away.

If you are an attorney in Alabama, or anywhere in the USA, and are looking to purchase the best legal software for real estate closings, Easysoft has an affordable program that will fit your needs. Our automated Closing Disclosure form is designed to help you quickly and easily complete the document process. We also include other legal software program integrations that can assist with tasks such as e-signatures and 1099-S e-filing. Contact us today to book a demo and see how our program and features can benefit you. 

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