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Easy Soft’s family law features offer divorce and state-specific software needed to automate your family law practice for more accurate and more efficient forms, worksheets and data collection. Our family law solutions include all our trusted Easy Soft family law software, including Divorce Financials, NJ Case Information Statement (CIS) Software, EzSupport- NY, EzSupport- MA and EzSupport- PA.

Divorce Financials

Produce tax-optimized divorce settlements with Divorce Financials settlement statement software. It helps your law practice analyze and calculate divorce settlements quickly and accurately. Easily analyze and compute alimony, child support, and even monthly expenses.

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Case Information Statement

Fast, easy preparation of your Case Information Statement. Case Information Statement software is a comprehensive NJ divorce software for compliance with specific NJ requirements and guidelines. Create compliant NJ family law documents.

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Easily automate New York divorce forms and worksheets with EzSupport-NY. EzSupport-NY supports automation for common New York forms and worksheets, including the New York Statement of Net Worth. All forms are fully customizable and allows for instant creation of new documents.

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Pennsylvania Divorce Software includes Uncontested Divorce Forms, Statement of Net Worth, Child Support and Spousal Maintenance. Customize any form or add new forms. Built-in electronic case data collection feature alone will convert a few hours of work into one click.

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Easily automate Massachusetts divorce forms and worksheets with EzSupport-MA. Forms are fully customizable and allow for instant creation of new documents.

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"Family law Solutions help us work with our clients, opposing counsel, in MESP sessions, and at court hearings to reach that desired equilibrium in divorce settlements. In my 38 years of exclusively practicing matrimonial law in NJ, there has never been anything like the seamless integration of Divorce Financials and Case Information Statement programs that Easy Soft provides."

- Laurence J. Cutler, Laurence J. Cutler Esq.