Why Can’t My Law Firm Use Generic Accounting Software?

Business owners have an array of choices when it comes to accounting software. The products offer a variety of bookkeeping and billing options that will work with any business. So why should you use dedicated law office billing software like Easy TimeBill?

The problem with generic billing solutions is they are just that: generic. They offer features common to all business models and that’s fine for most companies. After all a toy store and a flower shop deal with the same concepts of inventory, invoicing and taxes and don’t need software tailored to their specific industries.

However legal practices have specialized requirements that only law practice management software can provide. You might be able to cobble together a solution that lets you manage trust accounting or divorce financial settlement with generic billing solutions but it generally means your office has to do more work to ensure all the legal requirements are met. You might be able to drive a nail by hitting it with a wrench, but the job is easier if you use a hammer.

Easy TimeBill allows multiple rate levels for each attorney. Built-in time clocks allow attorneys to easily switch among multiple matters over the course of the day without having to keep complicated paper records of their time on each case. The software automatically compiles hourly charges and expenses for invoices, ensuring each client is billed correctly.

Easy TimeBill is more than just law office billing software. It includes trust accounting features to simplify the process of tracking and reconciling funds for multiple trust matters, even if all funds are pooled in a single trust account. Attorneys can also manage their to-do lists, case notes, and calendars all from one easy-to-use interface. The application includes built-in conflict checking so attorneys won’t inadvertently create a conflict of interest that could jeopardize a case resolution.

Specialized industries require specialized tools. Don’t try to adapt generic software solutions to the unique and meticulous needs of the legal profession. Use only the dedicated law practice management software solutions produced by Easy Soft so you know you are getting all the features you need.

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