What’s An Easy Way to Check for Conflicts of Interest?

As we’ve said time and again, not all legal billing software is created equal. And not all of it is made for attorneys.

For example, unlike your fellow professionals (doctors, architects, accountants), you’re privy to information which can be used in an adversarial way. Therefore, the state bar says that you’ve got to check all new matters for conflict of interest. Fail to do so, and you can never be sure you’re the right lawyer for your client (if you’re not, then you’re wasting your client’s time as well as your own).

Many other billing software simply isn’t designed for this. You wouldn’t use general time tracking and billing software, for example, to figure out if a potential new client is related to a former or existing client in any way.

While developing a fully bulletproof conflict checker is challenging, the right software already contains an integrated database you can use to spot issues and potential conflicts off the bat.

Easy Soft’s Easy TimeBill is a great example of software that can root out conflicts for you—saving you time, money, effort and peace of mind.

With the right attorney billing software, this is easy to do—and doesn’t require wasteful and redundant software. Rather than disappear into your law firm file storage room for hours on end, or use a duplicative conflict checker, you can simply run a new matter into your firm’s roster of clients—the one that’s already embedded in your billing system.

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