What's An Easy Way to Calculate PA Child Support?

If you’re a divorce attorney practicing family law in Pennsylvania , you know what all divorce lawyers do. Pennsylvania child support calculations are complicated. Even if you’re great at math, computations for base support amounts and then accounting for various adjustments such as custody or childcare—can give you a headache.

But if you plan things strategically, your client’s divorce settlement can result in higher disposable incomes not only for him or her—but for both parties . If this is a job you like to leave to your client’s CPA, don’t. Have your software perform the work—and deliver better service to your client.

Last December, Easy Soft launched EzSupport-PA, new Pennsylvania family law software. The software is designed for divorce lawyers —not CPAs or tax attorneys.

Coupled with our Divorce Financials Software, PA divorce lawyers get every tool they need for their family law practice.

The software:

  • Allows you to compare multiple support scenarios side-by-side, and choose the best option.
  • Records all case information from the outset—and uses it to populate financial statements, correspondence, court documents, etc.
  • Adjusts your support calculation to account for shared parenting, multiple families, and other extenuating circumstances.

Once you’ve entered the case data, the software does the heavy lifting. The resulting worksheet details a variety of scenarios. For each scenario, it provides a statutorily precise bottom line: one number for spousal support, and another number for child support.

Easy—just like our name.

To learn more about our divorce software for attorneys, call Easy Soft at 800.905.7638.

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