UTBMS billing codes. What are they? And why do they matter? – Attorney Billing Software

Let’s get this out of the way first:  “UTBMS” is the acronym for “Uniform Task-Based Management System.”

Why should this matter to your selection of legal software?

UTBMS was released by the American Bar Association Litigation Section in 2002, after the American Corporate Counsel Association had used a task force to develop the codes.  It grew out of a need recognized by Attorney Sally Fiona King and her experience overseeing outside counsel invoices on behalf of her corporate legal department.

The goal in creating uniform billing codes used in legal billing software is to group individual activities by various people into the same or similar types of legal work product.  There are different sets of codes for different types of cases, such as one set of UTBMS codes for litigation cases and another for Worker’s Compensation cases.

The UTBMS uniform codes used in Easy Soft’s legal billing software allow attorneys and clients alike to understand and strategize the use of resources for legal projects.  Should there be more emphasis on client communication, negotiations, legal research, or drafting?  In the Easy Soft attorney billing software, these UTBMS law office software billing codes are selected and print side-by-side to the description for services performed.

One easy way to evaluate the strength of features offered by Easy Soft’s TimeBill and Trust Accounting software is to review the legal software comparison chart put together by the American Bar Association.  The ABA chart highlights the important features of legal billing software and trust accounting software of Easy Soft and several of our competitors.  In this head-to-head comparison, you can see from the ABA chart that Easy Soft’s “Easy TimeBill” and “Easy Trust” attorney billing software are affordable, packed with features like the UTBMS billing codes, and fully tech supported for your law office operations.

If you and your client want monthly bills that are a useful tool for legal resource allocation, then you need the Easy Soft legal billing software and trust accounting software with UTBMS billing codes.

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