U.S. Divorce Lawyers: How Divorce Financial Software Makes Life Easier For Your Client (Part 2)

Even if math doesn’t intimidate you, even if your law firm partner is a tax lawyer willing to lend his or her expertise, even if you are capable of conducting complex calculations with a calculator (or a pencil!), even if your opposing counsel is the one doing the math: it is essential for your client that you obtain our divorce settlement and planning software. Why?

The first reason is easy. Some clients simply don’t want to pay for a CPA or a tax attorney. Either they can’t afford the additional fees (paying your fees is already a stretch), or they’d rather pocket the cost—or expand their budget toward battling smarter and harder.

Divorce Financial Software allows you to handle the entire engagement – without need for a tax expert in normal cases. So it’s a clever marketing vehicle for your practice – especially when competing for work against other divorce lawyers.

For clients that are willing to pay for a CPA or tax attorney, our divorce settlement and planning software is still a good idea. It allows you as divorce counsel to have an independent opinion of any proposed settlement.

Around the nation, even CPAs dealing with divorces rely on Divorce Financials Software to analyze financial data and tax ramifications in divorce cases. If CPAs have this software, why shouldn’t you?

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