Top 10 Legal Billing Pitfalls – Mistake # 1 That You Can Avoid

Pitfall # 1 – Data Integrity and Security

Finally, the most common and the most dangerous legal billing pitfall —failure to protect data integrity and implement secure measures.

Law firms generally aren’t tech savvy. In small to medium-sized firms, it’s common to find a hodge-podge of bookkeeping procedures. No matter how your legal billing is setup, the biggest threats to your system are data integrity and security. At a minimum, you must ensure that:

  • Billing software requires password protected logins to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Your software allows you to customize user permissions to limit access to different aspects of your billing operations.
  • Your firm performs comprehensive data back-up daily.

Many firms do back-up data routinely, only to find out later that they were not backing up all the files they really needed. Keep your file structure organized. Perform back-ups daily and test your back-ups periodically by “retrieving” the data and checking to see that you have all the critical files.

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