To Trust or Not to Trust? – Trust accounting

To trust or not to trust may well be a question as serious for attorneys as Shakespeare’s famous “To Be or Not to Be.”  In the words of the New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct: “The knowing misuse of trust funds by an attorney will almost invariably result in disbarment.”

At Easy Soft legal software company, we understand the essential principles of legal bank accounts and bookkeeping.  We know that you need a business operating account that is separate from your Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts.  We understand that having to balance two bank accounts each month causes anxiety, particularly if the IOLA account contains deposits from several clients or from one client on several matters.

What we also know at Easy Soft is that automated processes reduce the risk of human error.

With our suite of law office software, you can run your operating account, write checks for routine expenses, enter deposits, and reconcile the computer entries against your monthly bank-issued statements.  With our legal software, you can also make deposits to your IOLTA account, separately designated to the individual client, and maintain a running log for each client, even though the deposits are aggregated.  Likewise, with Easy Soft legal billing software, you can write checks from the IOLA account for appropriate expenditures and payments to the firm, and you can reconcile the monthly bank statement to the computer entries.

Easy Soft’s attorney billing software also contains built-in features to try to stop you from making math mistakes before they happen.  If you try to write a trust account check for a client invoice that exceeds the client’s own balance, “Trust Accounting Software” will instantly show a computer alert.  This alert within our legal software is an important feature to try to stop you from mistaking the account total balance for the individual client balance.

Here at Easy Soft, we’re not just asking you to take our word for it that our legal software is the best legal software on the market.  One of our customers, Attorney Jason Flynn, offered this recommendation:   “My firm would not function properly without the assistance of Easy Time Bill and Trust programs.”

Properly used, with Easy Soft’s legal billing software you will neither a borrower nor a lender be and, from trust account worries, you will be free.

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