Time and Billing Software Improves Client Satisfaction

Law firms, like any business, depend on client referrals to generate new business. However unlike other industries, your customers aren’t usually qualified to judge whether or not you are a good attorney. Your image is going to have as much or more to do with client satisfaction as your legal background. Easy Soft attorney time and billing software gives any law firm the air of professionalism essential to pleasing clients.

Your Billing Reflects Your Practice

Many firms, particularly smaller ones, treat billing as an afterthought. Invoices go out erratically and there is little effort put into collecting late balances. The invoices are either sloppy handwritten affairs or stale templates that don’t reflect your professional image. Not only is this bad business — if you don’t collect your fees then you don’t make money — but your clients may think if you don’t care about your own billing, then how much will you care about their cases?

One option is to contract out your billing to a third-party. You can forget about the administrative details and focus on the practice of law. However, you also give up control over your invoicing and you lose the opportunity to work personally with clients.

The Advantages of Legal Billing And Accounting Software

Easy TimeBill is like hiring a full-time bookkeeper without the cost or headaches. Using dedicated lawyer billing software gives you features that no other billing software can:

  • Customized Invoices – Tailor your invoices to reflect your practice’s unique style.
  • Dedicated Legal Billing – Easy TimeBill shows information generic financial software doesn’t, like retainer balances and fees broken out by matter.
  • Automatic Late Billing Reminders – Numerous studies show that gentle reminders greatly increase collections. The software automatically generates invoices on late accounts.
  • Late Fee Calculation – Late fees are complicated to calculate so let Easy TimeBill do the work for you.
  • 360-Degree View – It is shocking how many law offices have no idea of the state of their accounts. See all unbilled and unpaid balances as well as retainer balances at a glance.

Your invoices are often the last contact a client receives after a case is over. Don’t leave a client with a bad impression. Maintain a professional image by using law practice management software to administer your firm.

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