Time and Billing Software Conundrum: To Email or Not To Email

Technology has helped streamline the modern law practice, but software tools can hurt your firm if used incorrectly. Legal billing and accounting software like Easy TimeBill gives you the option of emailing invoices to your clients, but should you?

Emailed invoices have a number of advantages for your practice:

  • Low Cost – No cost for paper, envelopes, stamps or printer toner.
  • Fast – Bulk billing allows you to send out all the month’s invoices generated by attorney time and billing software through email with a quick click. You can send late payment reminders just as easily.
  • Environmentally Responsible – Save a few trees, not to mention sparing the environment all those nasty chemicals used in the paper manufacturing industry.
  • Please Your Clients – Some clients simply don’t like old-fashioned paper invoices. With so many of us handling all our financial transactions on our computers, it’s easier to respond to an email invoice than a paper one.

With all those advantages it seems like email invoices are the way to go. Not necessarily. There are a few disadvantages to emailed bills.

  • Easy To Ignore – There is something substantial about paper, something that demands our attention and makes a printed invoice harder to forget. In addition we are deluged with far more email each day than paper mail, so it’s easy for an invoice to end up in a spam folder or simply be overlooked.
  • Insecure – Email is not a secure method of transmission and can be intercepted during delivery. Never include information such as a credit card number or Social Security number that could lead to theft of a client’s identity.

So which should you use? One option is to let your clients choose. Easy TimeBill time and billing software for lawyers can handle both formats so you can decide from client to client, or even matter to matter, whether you prefer emailed or printed invoices.

When clients get behind in their payments, we suggest sending paper bills even to your clients who prefer email due to the “easy to ignore” reason cited above. You could even send both an email invoice and a printed one to be sure you get the client’s attention.

Easy Soft’s law practice management software has been designed for the convenience of both attorneys and their clients. Download a demo of Easy TimeBill to try out our email billing and see if it is a service you want to add to your practice.

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