Special Child Support Considerations In Arizona Divorces

Most states have special provisions when calculating child support which go beyond simply comparing each parent’s income. The Arizona Supreme Court issued its latest Arizona Child Support Guidelines in January 2005 that includes several special adjustments judges can, though are not required to, make in Arizona child support calculation.

Education Expenses – Not all children attend public school and there is an AZ child support guideline that takes that into account. If a child attends a private school and requires that private school to meet “particular educational needs” then child support may be adjusted upwards so each parent covers an equitable portion of the tuition in addition to the child’s basic expenses.

Children With Disabilities – Special needs children often cost more than typical children. They may have higher medical expenses, require equipment such as wheelchairs and communication devices, need special foods or any of a number of other unusual expenses. Some but not all of these expense will be covered by private insurance, AHCCCS (Arizona’s Medicaid program), the Division of Developmental Disabilities or other sources. Any expenses not covered by these programs will have to be covered by the family so will need to be shared between both parents.

Older Children – Arizona recognizes that children aged 12 and older require greater expenses than their younger counterparts. The AZ child support guideline covering older children indicates that a judge may increase child support obligation by up to 10% of that older child’s portion of the support payment.

These special cases are in addition to common Arizona child support calculation adjustments for child care and custodial time. Taken all together, it can make child support a challenge to figure in a fair manner.

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