Putting A Price On A Person’s Life

Negotiation is a key element in a divorce settlement. Even the most amicable divorce–and the phrase “amicable divorce” is an oxymoron–everyone wants to get what’s fairly owed. However each party probably disagrees on the definition of fair. The Case Information Statement (NJ) is designed to present an unbiased view of each spouse’s needs and ability to pay so fair spousal and child support values can be determined.

However the NJ CIS form doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. Government forms sometimes try so hard to standardize everything that important nuances are lost in the process. Part D is a key example. It shows the historic expenses of the family and the filer’s current lifestyle expenses but that’s not the complete picture of how the family’s expenses will change after the divorce.

This is why we have designed our NJ case information statement software to allow attorneys to list more detail than what is required by the state form. It allows attorneys on both sides to supply a clear and compelling case for how many resources are available and how much support is required to ensure both parties and, more important, the children are provided for.

To use this software feature, go to Case Information Statement Part D and click the box marked “Show Individual Historical Expenditure”. Three more columns will appear to allow historical expenditures for plaintiff, defendant and children. The attorney can then document the client’s lifestyle more accurately, providing important information for use in alimony and child support negotiations. The full five-column form can be printed out as the “Lifestyle – Historical Expenditure” report for easy reference.

Hard data is a critical advantage in divorce negotiation. When the lawyer can show the court or the opposing attorney detailed figures about a client’s lifestyle, it is that much easier to get a fair settlement. Legal practice management software is an essential tool in providing the statistics needed to back up a spousal or child support argument.

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