Protect the Integrity and Security of your Data—While Keeping Life Easy

The most common and dangerous of all legal billing pitfalls is choosing complicated software that fails to protect the integrity and security of your law firm data.

If your software is too complicated to learn or use, then you’re not receiving the benefit of IT leverage. Technology isn’t making your life’s making it harder. Need an external consultant or trainer? Time to nix the software in question, and find something hassle-free.

Data integrity and security involve taking precautions to protect against unauthorized access and use. You need a legal billing system with built-in features for data access control, built-in checks for error detection, and a regular data back-up function.

Easy Soft’s Easy TimeBill (ETB) takes care of all of that.

Our legal billing software has received rave reviews from lawyers and technology publications alike. With Easy TimeBill , you can efficiently manage client billing , improve your cash flow , and view an uncluttered 360-degree financial snapshot of your firm.

And now: we’ve rolled out ETB 4.0: new, improved, and better than ever!

It takes five minutes to set up the program and prepare your first invoice. All of your timekeepers can keep track of their time simultaneously—without lost hours, or added administrative hassle. You can have 100 people on the system-or just one.

The optional Easy Trust module integrates your billing functions with your trust accounting functions. Deposit your retainer checks where they belong. No duplicate entries, no convoluted recordkeeping.

View a matter’s unbilled, unpaid and retainer balances at all times . Enter time and expense cards individually, or a week at a time.

Generate fully customizable invoices-and then email them to your clients.

You can even create and email reminder letters, and even generate and email overdue invoice and low retainer reminders in batches-rather than one at a time.

You get comprehensive billing, banking, and accounting reports. There’s even a built-in conflict checking system.

To learn more about our high-security legal billing software, call Easy Soft at 800 905 7638.

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